J. Cole Disses YoungBoy Never Broke Again in New Song “Secret Recipe”?

J Cole Diss NBA Youngboy : J. Cole’s new song with Lil Yachty, “Secret Recipe,” has some fans thinking that Cole is dissing YoungBoy Never Broke Again. The song’s lyrics include lines like “I’m the king of this jungle, you a lion cub” and “I’m the realest in the game, you a counterfeit.”

Some fans believe that these lyrics are directed at YoungBoy, who has been involved in a number of feuds with other rappers in recent years. Others believe that the lyrics are simply a general statement about Cole’s confidence in his own skills.

Whether or not Cole is actually dissing YoungBoy, the song is sure to spark some debate among hip hop fans. It’s also a reminder that Cole is still one of the best rappers in the game, even after all these years

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